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Here at Mahoney Dermatology, we teach college students, medical students, dermatology residents and pediatric residents. We have had several employees train as a medical assistant and continue in their educational careers to become physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors. If you are interested in working for Mahoney Dermatology to gain more experience in the field of medicine, a front office or back office position may be a great experience for you.

If you are interested in positions at Mahoney Dermatology please email your resume to our office manager.

Hear from one of our current staff members about her experience working at Mahoney Dermatology Specialists.

Mackenzie, medical assistants on staff at Mahoney Dermatology


“My name is Mackenzie and I am one of the medical assistants on staff at Mahoney Dermatology. I graduated from St. Petersburg High School’s IB Program in 2020 and am now going into my third year as an Applied Biology major at the University of Florida. I aspire to be a Physician Assistant one day and started working at Mahoney Dermatology as a means of gaining experience working directly with patients during the summer semester. I came to the practice with no prior experience in healthcare, but I was ready to learn all I could, and the providers and medical assistants were ready to teach me all that they could. This job has provided me with the opportunity to work alongside providers that go the extra mile to make sure I understand my duties and perform them well and answer all my questions about dermatology and careers in healthcare. I was able to learn how to be successful in all aspects of my role from the most patient and knowledgeable medical assistants imaginable. If I could bring this practice back with me to Gainesville in the Fall, I would.”