The effects of using face paint for Halloween can be scary!

Be wary of cheap costume makeup and aware of possible side effects on the skin including breakouts, rash, itching, and irritation.

Here are a few tips to keep your little monsters looking spooky without the scary side effects…

  • Buy Higher Quality Makeup –Makeup sold at costume shops often contains artificial colors, fragrances, waxes and oils, which can cause severe skin reactions and block pores. It’s best to skip this thick, heavy makeup entirely and use every day non-comedogenic makeup instead. Look for oil-free and alcohol-free, water-based or liquid makeups. Consider using a brand name or an organic face paint kit
  • Select “Theatrical” Makeup Over “Halloween” Makeup –Rely on makeup that is designed specifically for use with costumes and is more gentle on the skin. Theatrical makeup usually includes FDA-approved ingredients. Halloween makeup, on the other hand, often includes elements that can be harmful to your skin and cause irritation
  • Prepare Your Skin – Thoroughly moisturize your skin before applying makeup to keep it hydrated and fresh-looking. This will provide a good foundation that protects your skin from makeup buildup and drying out, while also assisting with easier removal later on
  • Remove Makeup Before Going To Sleep –While higher quality makeup can remain on for almost 12 hours, it’s important to remove any makeup before you go to bed. If it’s left on too long it can clog your pores and can cause a break-out the next day. Use a gentle cleaner. Leave your face wash products out on the counter before you leave for the night to help you remember to wash up!

Be sure to check ingredients on the label and never use products that are not specifically designed for the skin such as acrylic paint, markers, spray paint, etc.